Thursday, October 21, 2010


Mmm Green tea is my favourite thing to wake up to. Lately I’ve been drinking unpolished rice green tea (made with brown rice). Full of antioxidants that help neutralize those free radicals!  I usually just pick it up at the grocery store or market but if you want to try new and interesting flavours, I recommend DAVIDsTEA in Moncton! They have an array to choose from and lots of fun tea accessories :)


  1. I drink green tea as well. My friend Anne has a great selection at her store in uptown Saint John (The Feel Good Store on Germain St). Another good place is Ten Thousand Villages on Princess St.

  2. Yesyes I loveee The Feel Good Store. I've yet to visit Ten Thousand Villages though! A friend, Rachel, just recommended Aveda Comfort Tea so that's on my list of tea's to try. Mmmm I'm gonna go make a cup right now...