Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chickpeas please

To be honest, I’m terrified of packaged foods. No one wants to go grocery shopping with me because I literally read all the ingredients of anything that catches my eye. I can’t say I recognize all of them.. but I do know : If I can’t pronounce it.. It’s probably not good for me. Bottom line for me is simplicity.  If I could afford it, I’d buy all of my food at the market.. BUT that would be far too expensive so I work with what’s available.  SO
Here’s a hummus ( my love) recipe that is simple and easy to experiment spices with!
With the food processor running, drop in 1 peeled garlic clove and process until minced.
Turn it off, scrape down the sides and add:
   2 cups cooked chickpeas
   3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
   2 tbsp tahini
   ½ teasp ground cumin
   2 tbps lemon juice
   ¼ teasp salt
Restart the processor and slowly add water, making the hummus slightly thinner than desired (it will thicken in the fridge). Chill to combine the flavours before serving.

Oh and a cool tip from Michael Pollan : Don’t eat anything that your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.


  1. Hey Drew,

    Once I get my farm started up you can buy your organic food from me! Until then, there is a good company in Fredericton where you can get good local food also, in the summer look out for Dave's Produce Packs from the Hampton area.

  2. I'll definitely check them out, thanks Luther! Can't wait to pick up some yummy food at your farm!

  3. We should make this sometime Drew. Sounds great

  4. We can add some red peppers and garlic for you.. Mmmm

  5. Mmmm I'm going to make this and eat it.

  6. Glad to hear it Jenn. It`s a truly delectable dish!